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Model IV
Immersion type counter-current extractor for granular materials that are heavier than solvent.
Model V
Percolation type counter-current extractor for flakes and good draining materials.
Special design for desolventizing edible white flake, also suitable for drying or heating of foods and grains, polymers, and minerals with low speed agitation, to minimize breakage.
For drying, desolventizing, sterilizing, or cooling of water/solvent-wet filter, flakes, powders, and agglomerates where extended residence time is required.
RBD Pilot Plant
A fully self-contained, semi-works scale system for the refining, bleaching and deodorizing of edible oils.
Flash Dryer
For drying or low temperature calcining of filter and centrifuge cakes and powders with minimal size reduction.
Milling Flash Dryer
For drying and milling of agglomerated materials into a fine powder.
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