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Down Draft Desolventiser for High PDI Soya

After years of extensive research and development work, Crown has developed a new, less expensive and safer system for desolventising white flakes for the production of high PDI or NSI meal. Utilizing the concepts of shallow bed depths and reduced steam pressures, Crown is pleased to introduce the new Down Draft Desolventisers (DDD).

Advantages of the DDD

  • Low Capital Investment
  • Compact design: Less floor space and lower installation costs required.
  • Low installed horsepower: less than 40 hp for a 10 ton per day system.
  • Fewer moving parts results in less downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Safer operation: Unlike conventional systems using superheated hexane vapors, the Crown Down Draft Desolventiser utilizes low pressure indirect steam to safely drive off the hexane vapors.
  • Flakes are handled gently throughout the process, producing a final product with a maximum amount of whole flakes and a minimum amount of fines.
  • Higher attainable PDI than with conventional systems (potentially 80-85).
  • Flexibility in operation to fine tune the system for the ideal combination of PDI, residual hexane, and steam consumption.
  • Reduced hexane losses (less than 500 PPM compared to numbers in the 1,000s) results in additional operational savings.
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