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The HIPLEX® system is a mechanical screw press modified to inject liquid or gases into the internals of the press cage. Currently, liquid CO2 is used in the press, resulting in more efficient removal of oil from the seed and a higher quality press cake.

Crown acquired the CO2 pressing technology in 2004. In 2005, Crown entered into an agreement with Harburg-Freudenberger (HF) for joint development of the HIPLEX® technology. The HIPLEX®process is only used on HF presses and is also a licensed technology.

With the HIPLEX® process, CO2 is injected into the press to enhance oil removal from the seed. A benefit of utilizing CO2 is that it helps maintain a cooler temperature throughout the press which prevents burning of the meal and leads to a better oil quality. The impact of using the HIPLEX® process is a natural and/or organic meal with lower residual oil than standard pressing.

The HIPLEX® press can be sold as a stand-alone piece or paired with other HF and Crown systems including preparation, refining, and biodiesel. The HIPLEX® press is ideal for processors who are in areas prohibiting hexane use, where permits are difficult to obtain, and have a good source of CO2. HIPLEX® is also well suited for processing capacities under 500 TPD.

There is an on-site pilot plant facility for continuous HIPLEX® process development available at Crown facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Strong technical knowledge and financial commitment allow HF and Crown to investigate new potential uses of the HIPLEX® process.


High Pressure Liquid Extraction (HIPLEX®)

A new dimension of mechanical pressing

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