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Crown's biodiesel production equipment is designed for continuous operation for maximum efficiency and safety. The process is a two stage transesterification reaction followed by ester washing, drying and alcohol recovery. Excess methanol is recovered from all product streams to virtually eliminate discharge to air and water and allow its reuse in the process.

The equipment used to manufacture biodiesel depends largely on the scale of manufacturing.  As the use of biodiesel becomes more popular and widespread, more resources for individual, small-scale biodiesel production are available.  Many kits are even offered for beginners.  However, as the scale of production goes up, the equipment becomes more advanced as well.  Generally, for larger scale production, a biodiesel processor, numerous tanks for processing, washing, mixing, settling, filtering, and storage, as well as pumps for transporting biodiesel among these containers are used.  It is also important that proper safety equipment is used during production, as biodiesel production does involve some chemical usage.
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