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Biodiesel is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative fuels to replace or supplement petroleum-based diesel. It offers a way to be environmentally friendly, and at the same time uses existing infrastructure for distribution virtually anywhere that diesel is sold. Biodiesel is often used as a blend with diesel, but can also be used in its pure form.

Crown's experience in biodiesel dates back to the mid-1990s, when it supplied plant equipment for producing methyl ester for detergent use. Now, with the increased demand for biodiesel, the same process can be used for making an ester that meets or exceeds biodiesel specifications.

Crown's biodiesel plants are designed for continuous operation for maximum efficiency and safety. The process is a two stage transesterification reaction followed by ester washing, drying and alcohol recovery. Excess alcohol is recovered from all product streams to virtually eliminate discharge to air and water and allow its reuse in the process. The wash water is also recovered fromteh ester and does not leave the process as a separate byproduct. Thus, the most efficient method of cleaning esters (water washing) can be used without sending water to a waste treatment plant.

Simplified Biodiesel Flowsheet

Crown also offers a complete line of glycerine recovery equipment capable of producing 99.7% USP glycerine. With its acquisition of Wurster & Sanger, Crown has provided oleochemical processing technology since the 1920s including distillation, splitting, fractionation, methyl ester processing, and glycerine production. Adding these to Crown's oilseed and oil processing technologies (extraction, neutralization, bleaching, deodorizing and other upstream processes)creates a truly integrated offering for oilseed processors that are looking to branch out into the oleochemical market.

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