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Model IV Immersion Style Extractor for Nutraceuticals, Specialty Chemical, and Soils. The Immersion Extractor is designed for granular and powdery products that will sink in the solvent and are too fine for Percolation Style Extractors. Typical products include Botanicals, Fermentation Products, Metallic gels, and contaminated soils.

For fine particulate material, percolation is often ineffective so the "immersion" principle is used in the Model IV. This unit processes virtually any product with a density greater than the solvent and is ideally suited to recover the soluble fraction from granular material.


In the past the extraction of fine, powdery material was usually carried out in a batch process due to the limitation of screen filtration in continuous extractor designs. Attempting to extract powders with this process means that any screen fine enough to hold material above it will significantly reduce or even stop solvent flow. In addition such a fine material bed would drain very slowly, minimizing extraction efficiency.

The Model IV does not use screens. The basic horizontal fabrication houses a unique patented "en-masse" type conveyor system which draws the material along the smooth extractor bottom where it is totally immersed in solvent flowing from the other direction.

Extraction occurs throughout the cycle as the material and miscella are mixed between stages. This "countercurrent" arrangement allows the extracted material to be discharged from one end of the machine while concentrated miscella (solvent and extractable) is taken from the other opposite end.

Complete systems Installation:

Crown Iron can engineer a complete plant around this extractor if necessary including desolventisation to produce a solvent free extracted meal or solid residue, and distillation to recover the solvent from the usually high value extract. Ancillary equipment to provide utility services and even building design can be part of the scope of supply if a completely new plant is required.


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