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Precipitated solids are products which are formed in a solution as solid states of matter as the result of a chemical reaction.  The solid formed during the purification process, also known as the “precipitate,” is evidence that a chemical reaction or change has occurred or that the solution has been supersaturated and created a solid as a result.  Often times, there are excess reactants or products of reaction mixed in with the precipitate.

Typical methods to purify the precipitate include filtration, decanting, and centrifuging.  These purification methods are generally co-current and require a great deal of washing fluid to purify the precipitated solids

Crown uses counter current washing/extraction equipment to accomplish the same task.  Counter current washing minimizes the amount of liquid required for washing oftentimes by as much as 40-50%.  The gentle washing action prevents the breakup of the solids thus minimizing product loss.

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